Experienced, Personal Consulting To Build Your Business

Let us help you achieve the next step.  Whether you are just starting, expanding or just need a second set of eyes, call us!


Starting up

We can help you develop your business plan, decide on your corporate structure, and put a solid foundation in place for the rest of your business's life.  Having helped set up over a hundred businesses, we can help your customize your setup documents.  Are you planning on running your business yourself?  Do you have partners?  Will you be taking on investors?  Plan ahead to prevent costly mistakes down the road.


Is today the day you hire that next employee?  Are you opening a new branch of your business?  Have you been approached by an outside investor?  All of these decisions can take your business to the next level.  But if you do them wrong, it could sink you.  We are here to help you with taking that next important step for your business.

Internal Audits

Your business has been going well, but it feels like you could do better.  It may be time to bring in a fresh set of eyes to see what is missing.  Sometimes it is as simple as streamlining an outdated procedure.  Other times it can be as complicated as revamping your CRM software.  Whatever the issue, we are here to help you find it and address it.


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